Awards and Recognition

The restoration projects accomplished by the Oratory have caught the attention of the community. In accordance with its mission to promote the renewal of the Fox Park and Tower Grove East neighborhoods, the DeSales Community Housing Corporation recognizes outstanding projects which contribute to the improvement and beautification of the neighborhood.

On three separate occasions since 2005, this annual award was given to St. Francis de Sales Oratory in recognition of its accomplishments on the St. Francis de Sales campus.


2008 Golden Brick Award

Sacristy Renovation

Renovation efforts at St. Francis de Sales Oratory have received public recognition with the reception of the "Golden Brick Award," bestowed by the DeSales Community Housing Corporation.

The Corporation, which spun off from St. Francis de Sales Parish as a separate legal entity decades ago, awards projects that have contributed positively to the Tower Grove East and Fox Park neighborhoods. Nominees may include businesses, institutions, or even individuals that have demonstrated a commitment towards improving the neighborhoods.

In 2008, the Oratory won the award for the renovation of the vesting sacristy in the church building, a renovation which resulted in the replication of a chapel built by St. Louis King of France. The project was considered significant, especially because the sacristy project was involved in a Papal award, the Bene Merenti, recently given to Abbe Alexander Willweber of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

The Fox Park Neighborhood Association regards the Oratory campus as the "anchor" of the neighborhood. The award was rceived by Canon Karl W. Lenhardt, Rector of the Oratory at the time, on Wednesday, July 9, 2008, in a presentation ceremony.


2010 Golden Brick Award

Convent Renovation

On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, St. Francis de Sales Oratory received the “2010 Golden Brick Award” for the renovation of the Convent building. The DeSales Community Housing Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the renewal of the Fox Park and Tower Grove East neighborhoods of St. Louis, bestowed the award to recognize the Oratory's commitment towards improving its neighborhood.

After years of disuse and neglect, the Convent was in a seriously dilapidated condition. Renovation began in August of 2009. It involvedcomplete cleaning, stripping and refinishing of old floors, complete overhaul of the kitchen, the foyer and several rooms, repair of broken windows and window frames, re-plumbing of sinks and bathrooms, installation of new cabinetry and light fixtures, and repainting of walls and moldings.

With the help of more than one thousand man-hours from many volunteers and generous benefactors, the renovation consisted of a completed foyer, several rooms in the living and sleeping quarters, dining room, a modern and functional kitchen, new stair case, new floors, and newly painted walls in the hallway and in many rooms.

The recurring award underscores the fact that restoring St. Francis de Sales has significant consequences for the renewal of the entire vicinity around the church, because it has always been and will be the anchor of the neighborhood. The multiple awards also highlight the high level of commitment of the Oratory and its members to continue the restoration effort of St. Francis de Sales.


2011 Golden Brick Award

Courtyard Garden

On behalf of the Oratory, Canon Michael K. Wiener attended the reception on Thursday, June 16, and gratefully accepted the award from Executive Director of DeSales Community Housing Corporation, Mr. Tom Pickel.

In contrast to the previous two awards, the “2011 Golden Brick” highlights an exterior improvement of the church. The courtyard garden project began with the installation of a wrought iron gate, delineating a garden space between the rectory and the convent. Once excavation began, it was discovered that underneath the asphalt was a lovely old brick courtyard. Over half of the salvaged old bricks were of very good quality, and are reused today in the paved walk way in the newly designed garden.

An American poet from the Nineteenth Century, Lucy Larcom, once wrote, “He who plants a tree, plants hope.” Slowly, the small trees, shrubs, and perennials are gradually taking root in this garden on the St. Francis de Sales campus. Where the ground was once paved with hard asphalt, soft rich earth now nourishes an urban oasis of verdant plants and pretty flowers.

The visibly vigorous plantings on our campus are indeed lovely additions to the Oratory’s exterior and reflect the growth of the Oratory community. This garden project was made possible through the generous donation of a benefactor, and many man-hours of hard work contributed by a Oratory members. As on previous two occasions, this Golden Brick award belongs to all of you, for without the dedication and unwavering support of all Oratory members and friends, the continued restoration of St. Francis de Sales would not be possible.

Other Tangible Effects of Restoration:

True to this church’s status as the anchor of the neighborhood, the restoration of St. Francis de Sales through usage, in so far as it contributes to the renewal and improvement of the Fox Park Neighborhood, has brought other tangible effects: a reduction in crime rate and an increasingly positive perception of the neighborhood.

Tonight, on our way home, we passed the park and saw several priests playing basketball with the kids. That. Was. Awesome.
— May 2012 - a neighbor posted on the Fox Park Neighborhood Facebook Group about Saint Francis de Sale Oratory: