phase I              Cost: $49,000

Completion of Phase I will enable to organ to be played again.

A close-up of the pedal pipes: choked with plaster and dust

The Great division, covered with 92years of dust

The following are the tasks involved in Phase I of the organ restoration.  The total cost of these tasks is $49,000.

Section 1

  1. Clean Main Organ by:  remove all Manual Pipework; remove Rackboards and clean the Toeboards; replace Rackboards after cleaning; clean all debris from 16’ Open Wood Pipes; clean all Wooden Casework and dust façade pipes
  2. Disable and silence existing Expression Shade Motors, by disconnecting from wind.
  3. Gently clean Pipework and make minor repairs as Pipework is being re-turned to the cleaned chests.
  4. Repair as many Dead, or silenced, notes as possible without replacing any mechanics. Silence any ciphering notes without repairing or replacing any mechanics.
  5. Tighten Screws and tape Windlines to eliminate as many wind leaks as possible.

Section 2

  1. Repair present 16’ Bourdon Chest and 16’ Open Wood Chest by: remove 16’ Bourdon and store pipe in balcony; remove 16’ Bourdon Chests and re-leather existing valves, replacing where necessary; remove 16’ Open Wood and store pipes in balcony; remove 16’ Open Wood Chests and re-leather existing valves, replacing where necessary.
  2. Re-install refurbished 16’ Open Wood and 16’ Bourdon Chest Action into present chest shells.
  3. Install chests and pipes

Section 3

  1. Replace existing Static Reservoir in Blower Room with a NEW Static Reservoir.

Section 4

  1. Replace existing Expression Shade Motors with NEW Electric Shade Mo-tors and NEW Shade Hardware. Church to provide 120AC to locations in the organ to power the Electric Shade Motors.

Section 5

  1. Repair and Refurbish existing Great 8’ Trumpet 1-61 by: remove all Pipes from Chest; transport to Pipe Maker for disassembly, cleaning and repair.; revoice existing set to be smooth and clear, as able to be obtained within the confines of the construction of the set; return to Church, install pipes and Tune.