Other Glass Repair

Our beautiful stained glass windows are not the only windows that require attention and upkeep at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory…

The many clear and clouded glass windows in the sacristy, servers' sacristy and vestibules have deteriorated over time, with damage coming primarily from weathering. Two years ago we replaced several of these windows, and again this past week we called upon Preston Art Glass Studio to replace the cracked and damaged glass in six different windows: one in the server sacristy, one in the main vestibule, three in the southeast vestibule, and one in the northeast vestibule, in the choir loft stairway. The old and damaged glass was removed, the seals were scraped off, and the new glass was installed with a polyurethane seal. This important restoration work will help with our efforts to control the climate in the church by eliminating unnecessary energy loss. Preston also replaced two pieces of damaged glass in one of the confessional doors. The total cost for this work is just under $2,200.

Thank you for your generosity and support which allows us to continue to make progress in the restoration of our beautiful church!